Embertec is the latest member to join CalPlug. Embertec provides energy efficient solutions for consumer electronics and similar appliances.
CalPlug presented its latest progress in energy efficiency research, representing UCI at the Solar Decathlon this past October. The Set Top Box (STB) project was on display, which is focused on developing a prototype of next-generation energy-efficient set top boxes.
The ZottWatt team aims to decrease the overall power consumption of the home entertainment system by changing the power states of the peripheral devices by adapting to predicted user behavior patterns and using innovative sensor technology.
This three session workshop heralds CalPlug’s next phase in plug load energy management research and development.
In early March 2013, over 60 members of the Association of American Universities attended an event at UCI. These university presidents and chancellors were able to tour the CalPlug facilities and see project demonstrations from CalPlug’s student researchers.